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Published 2007-12-16 (Image 20780)

On todays Sunday Morning Political Show, the hot topic is EARMARKS, also known as "pork"…  …the practice of allocating tax dollars for specific projects, even if theyre unrelated to the overall funding bill.  Here to condemn the practice, we have President Bush from last month.  Bob, the DemocRAT Congress is spendin like a teenager with a credit card.  This earmarkin of theirs is irresponsible an wrong.  Here to argue IN FAVOR of earmarks, we have President Bush from earlier that day.  Bob, I obviously see nothin wrong with earmarks.  After all...I just stuck in $15 BILLION of em, includin $9 million for my daddys projects, an $24 million for Lauras.  Bob, me from earlier today is spendin like a teenager with a credit card.  I challenge me to say that to my face.

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