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Published 2007-01-28 (Image 15955)

Yknow, when I was a kid I thought Eudora meddled in Darrin and Samanthas life, causin trouble outta spite.  I hated her.  Thought she was nuts.  Evil.  But the other day, I looked at it all again, and man  I agreed with every last word Eudora said.  She was all about the importance of being honest and true to oneself, while Darrin was selfishly trying to force Samantha to deny here true nature just cause he was insecure.  Suddenly I realized it was Darrin who was wrong all along, not Eudora.  And then it struck me. Susan:  I really have matured.  Not if you measure maturity by how you react to "Bewitched."  Darrin Stevens could learn a thing or two from Major Nelson.

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