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Published 2006-10-01 (Image 14840)

You ever feel like youre in a rut, Clyde?  Yknow, like you do the same thing every day an nothing ever really changes?  Hey buddy, I know exactly how you feel.  I was the same way.  Here is what you do:  Just do thing differently each day.  And the world seems a little bit brighter.  Life the other week at work, they usually kill me -- Coincidentally whenever the President or his party needs a quick bump in the polls, but this time, they merely arrested me.  It was a real change of pace, and I finally had time to finish that Ferrigno biography.  Clyde, meet Al Qaidas #2 man in Iraq.  Al Qaidas #2 man in Iraq, meet Clyde.  I seen you befo.  whatup, family?  Like Ferrigno, I am not always a nice man when angry.

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