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Published 2006-08-20 (Image 14473)

In Vitro Fertilization Clinic  Surplus Embryos  I sure am glad the president keeps us safe from the scientists.  I feel you, dawg.  I mean, sure, extracting our stem cells for experiments could lead to cures for Parkinsons, Diabetes, cancer -- all sorts of agonizing diseases that ruin millions of lives every year.  Yadda yadda yadda...  But its just... yknow... wrong.  Yeah, dawg.  Wrong!  Bush values us.  Bush saved us from that horrible fate.  I wonder what happens now?  Will we be born?  Grow up?  Fall in love?  See the sunsets?  Swim in the sea?  Hey, brutha, hold up.  Dont jinx it, now!  Oh, I cant wait!  Life!  Glorious, glorious life awaits us!  Nuts.  If I had arms and legs, Id whup yo @*#, punk.

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