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Published 2006-05-14 (Image 13724)

2006.  Latino Menace.  Sure, America has always prospered cause of hard-working immigrants, but todays problem is different!  This time its a real crisis!  1956.  Mexican Menace.  These migrants can do our menial labor, but they theyve gotta go!  Theres too many of em!  Our fragile society just cant handle it!  1896.    Italian Menace.  Theyre taking jobs from real Americans.  Its never been this bad before.  I say deport them all.  1882.  Chinese Menace.  They wont even learn the English.  Why, the magnitude of this calamity is unprecedented!  1856.  Irish Menace.  Theres not way we can assimilate all these foreigners!  Theyll pollute our culture and steal our jobs!  This crisis is unparalleled!  Something must be done.  1751.  German Menace.  And it must be done now.  Forbid their entry, else the filthy hordes shall surely flummox us, verily!  It hath never been thus before, sire!

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