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Published 2006-01-22 (Image 12820)

I cant win.  I was a gifted kid, so no matter what I do with my life, I cant live up to the dreams momma had for me.  I know what you mean.  My first ad campaign sold 20 million bottles of turnip custard.  So no matter what I do at work, I can never live up to expectations.  At the last open mike night, I had this one joint that was off the hook, an now all my fans at the Quickmart over on Lennox expect magic every time I pick up the mike.  I know what youre saying, dude.  In 1919, the flu killed 50 million people, but the worlds a lot more sanitary now so a pandemic is highly unlikely.  I just cant live up to the hype.  Bird Flu.  You gonna eat that?

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