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Published 2005-09-25 (Image 11750)

You wanted to see me, Mr. Fitzhugh?  Garcia, your idea for the boundy paper towel ad campaign just isnt working for me.  You have a man cleaning with it, and thats just not realistic.  I say we go in a different direction.  You mean you want me to use a woman instead.  Sure, lets do what every other agency does, and show a comforting image of a woman who gets all tingly drying dishes.  Im saying she gets really excited, if you know what I mean.  Maybe we can even show this woman submerged under water, happily drying a dish with boundy paper towels, not even noticing that shes suffocating to death -- because shes just so excited to be drying a @*$% dish!  Great!  have it on my desk by Wednesday.

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