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Comics about flunkies.

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1. Comic Strip Brian Crane  Pickles 2011-01-12 flunky 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2011-01-12 Pub. Date: 2011-01-12
Image Number: 56189
Caption: Guess what, grampa said I can be his underling. Oh? Do you know what an underling is? No, not really. It’s a flunky, a peon, a second-rate sidekick. You don't want to be that, do you? No. Stick with me and I'll let you be my lackey. Cool … a promotion!
2. Comic Strip Brian Crane  Pickles 2011-01-11 flunky 
Cartoonist(s): Brian Crane
Comic/Cartoon: Pickles
Viewable Date: 2011-01-11 Pub. Date: 2011-01-11
Image Number: 56188
Caption: Grampa, am I your minion? My minion? You know, like those little things in the "Despicable Me" movie who do whatever their leader says. I didn't see that movie, but no, you're much more important than a minion. You're my underling. Cool.
Result page:     (2 images)