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The Appropriation Comic Strips

gathered from over thirty leading newspaper comic strips.

These are available for you to license for books, magazines, newsletters, presentations and websites.
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1. Comic Strip Dave Coverly  Speed Bump 2019-02-14 appropriation 
Cartoonist(s): Dave Coverly
Comic/Cartoon: Speed Bump
Viewable Date: 2019-02-14 Pub. Date: 2019-02-14
Image Number: 176218
Caption: I wasn't appropriating songbird culture - I was just singing.
2. Comic Strip Darrin Bell  Candorville 2017-09-27 appropriation 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Candorville
Viewable Date: 2017-09-27 Pub. Date: 2017-09-27
Image Number: 163099
Caption: Guess what daddy heard on the radio today, son? I heard that an English settler named Clarence Hornswaggler stole the recipe for popcorn from Native Americans. It was an early example of cultural appropriation, and we don't encourage that sort of thing in this house. I thtill want popcorn fow dinnew. (Sigh), ok, let's try this: No popcorn for dinner because I said so.
3. Comic Strip John Deering  Strange Brew 2013-05-31 appropriation 
Cartoonist(s): John Deering
Comic/Cartoon: Strange Brew
Viewable Date: 2013-05-31 Pub. Date: 2013-05-31
Image Number: 97493
Caption: TGIF! Look busy! Erase that! The grant committee is coming!
4. Comic Strip Mike Peters  Mother Goose and Grimm 2002-07-21 appropriation 
Cartoonist(s): Mike Peters
Comic/Cartoon: Mother Goose and Grimm
Viewable Date: 2002-07-22 Pub. Date: 2002-07-21
Image Number: 1261
Caption: Okay, okay, here's your stupid money. Attila, want to see my new ant farm? Nice Grimm … But there are no ants in there. I know … It's a ant subsidy farm.
5. Comic Strip Bob Thaves Tom Thaves  Frank and Ernest 1979-01-29 appropriation 
Cartoonist(s): Bob Thaves Tom Thaves
Comic/Cartoon: Frank and Ernest
Viewable Date: 1979-01-29 Pub. Date: 1979-01-29
Image Number: 70112
Caption: Congressional Dining Room. I'm new here. How big an appropriation should we leave for the waiter?
Result page:     (5 images)