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Background about Alex Hallatt

Growing up in a thatched cottage in Dorset, England, cartoonist Alex Hallatt was given her first book of cartoons at the age of six. Hallatt created her first comic strip while attending university. The strip, which was about a character who was half man, half mosquito, ran in her university newspaper.

After graduating the University of Kent at Canterbury with a degree in biochemistry, Hallatt moved to the United States for six months. She created her next strip while working as a waitress in New Jersey. The strip was called Polar Circle then, but it still had most of the same characters that exist today in Arctic Circle, including the polar bear, arctic tern, snow bunny and three immigrant penguins.

In 2003, Hallatt emigrated from England to New Zealand. She currently lives in Victoria, Australia.

In 2005, the Australian Regional Press began running Arctic Circle. By then, Lenny the lemming had completed the main cast of characters. Shortly after, Hallatt’s strip was spotted by King Features who decided to take Arctic Circle on for worldwide syndication.

When she is not toiling away at the drawing board, Hallatt likes to run off on a sunny day and go surfing, biking and tramping (Kiwi-style walking).